Inspirational presentation | A stroll on Mars

A stroll on Mars

Paolo Bellutta, NASA's Mars Science Laboratory

Language: English

Only video recording is available for this event.

Paolo Bellutta, a member of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory, the space program that took several rovers to explore Mars, talks about his experiences as a remote navigator on the Red Planet in an engaging inspirational presentation that mixes his vast technical expertise with an appetite for adventure.
Having been at the controls of Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity, he is the man who has travelled the greatest number of kilometers at the controls of a rover, which he describes as a prosthetic extension of his abilities that allows him access to another world. Exploring another planet and seeing new places each day evokes the exploits of the great navigators of past centuries who ventured into the unknown with curiosity and trepidation.
The new frontiers of space and of other planets need contemporary pioneers... Paolo Bellutta is among them.