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EnginSoft Experience – part 1

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A set of presentations, in two sessions, of six successful cases, selected to provide valuable inspiration for future developments in your specific field; these are prime examples of how simulation technologies can be exploited to their full potential. This first session is dedicated to Ansys technologies and showcases three interesting examples concerning fluid dynamics, structural simulation, and electromagnetic simulation, respectively.

Fabio Rossetti

Fabio Rossetti, EnginSoft
Digital Twin of a Mechanical Energy Recovering System

Flexible piezoelectric materials offer an efficient route to harvest energy from the fluid environments to power remote sensors and electronics. The proposed system allows electrical power generation by energy harvesting from vortex induced vibrations from the fluid flow of the exhaust gas of a Diesel car by a flexible Aluminum Nitride-based device.
The aim of the work is to describe a Simulation Based Digital Twin (SBDT) of an Internet of Things (IoT) node consisting of a piezoelectric MEMS, remote gas sensor and a transmitter. The methodology used for system model development consists of five principal steps: system conceptualization, numerical model definition, numerical models’ reduction, multi-domain model integration and calibration.

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Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, EnginSoft employee since 2011. Ansys® Certified Senior Application Engineer 2015-2021, expert in mechanical, multiphysics and system simulation.
Actually, Ansys Mechanical® Product Manager and Senior Application Engineer in EnginSoft.

Claudio Cambini

Claudio Cambini, Magna Mechatronics
Thermal and EMC Analysis on a Smart Latch ECU

In this speech the methodology for the numerical characterization of a Smart Latch ECU is presented, through the use of the Ansys Electronics AEDT Suite. DC/AC Electro-Thermal Analysis were conducted on the printed circuit board (PCB). CISPR 25 conducted emissions compliance was investigated in operational conditions while driving a DC Motor.

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- HW Designer at Magna Mechatronics since 2014.
- Master’s degree in Electronic Engineer.

Fabio Villa

Fabio Villa, EnginSoft
Optimisation of flow filed in a Street Sweeper

The suction system of a street sweeper is studied by a CFD simulation in Ansys Fluent. Different approach to model porous and membrane are presented in this talk. The capability to visualize the 3d velocity field, and the evaluation of pressure drop in different section of the system, help the designer to find a new efficient solution.

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Ph.D Fabio Villa is currently working for EnginSoft (Kilometro Rosso Innovation District - BERGAMO ITALY). He is a Senior Project Engineer with a solid background in thermal and fluid-dynamic engineering. He is dealing with CFD simulation Engineering consultancy and Technical support for CAD/CAE simulation (Ansys CFD) with Fluent Ansys. He has a good experience on reactive flow simulation in single and multiphase flow.